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GeoServe - Angewandte Geophysik


RESECS is a PC controlled DC resistivity meter system. It is designed for high resolution research, tomography and monitoring applications. Its great flexibility and mobility make it deal for a great number of applications.

System Concept

Up to 960 addressable electrodes (decoders) can be connected to the measuring device simultaneously and can be controlled by a comfortable, that means menue-driven software. Any two electrodes can be selected as current injector pair and up to six other pairs of electrodes serve as potential electrodes for each geoelectrical measurement. Thus, comfortable and rapid measuring progress is possible; data aquisition rate can reach more than one thousand data points per hour. The system does not only allow all standard configurations like Wenner, Schlumberger or Dipole-Dipole, but also any user defined configurations, including multi channel measurements.

System Components

Measuring device




System Features